Corporate Policies

Social Responsibility

For more information on specific corporate policies, please see the following pages:

Work Place Orientation

Work Place Orientation is provided to new employees regarding working hours, place of work, performance standards, benefits and facilities, company’s policies, and other relevant information. Employees are explained and provided with the Group Employee Handbook on the first day of their job which contains the Group’s Code of Conduct and the intention to support individual human rights, which was prepared in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Employee Induction Program has been carried on to ensure awareness of rights and policies across the group. Annual remuneration adjustment recommendations are randomly audited by Risk Management ensure consistency, fairness and transparency across the Group.

Anti – Corruption is one of the main topic and train to employees in Employee Induction Programme, which also explains detail content of the Code of Conduct and Anti- Corruption Procedure of the Company. The topic covers to support good governance and anticorruption initiatives focusing on:

                      • Group Covenant Obligations
                      • Group Policies and Procedures
                      • IFC Performance Standards
                      • Global Compact and its 10 Principles
                      • ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS)

The training programmes are designed to support good governance and anti-corruption initiatives from the Operational Management level to the Corporate Management Level, intended to prevent corruption through advocacy and awareness campaigns. Our Group's intention is to stimulate further public awareness about corruption and its impact, and to enable our employees to raise their voices against corruption.